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Tools You Need to Build Your Business with Video

May 24, 2015

Tools You Need to Build Your Business with Video

 Tools You Need to Build Your Business with Video

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Building your real estate business with video is nothing new. Last year, real estate coaches and consultants had merely introduced video as a great option that you should consider to start incorporating into your real estate business. Now in 2011, video has become a NECESSARY tool for building your real estate business online. With YouTube being the 2nd most popular search engine in the world (2nd to Google), people are consuming video content online day in and day out. And let’s face it, pictures and video capture attention a little better as most people would rather watch a video than read big long articles and posts.

So as part of my Getting Down to Basics series, if you have yet to get started with video and want to know how, here I will share with you the tools you need to get started with creating videos.

Tools You Need to Get Started

  • Camera – First you need a camera to capture your videos. A hand-held camcorder can do the trick, or even your smartphone with video camera can work. You can find great deals for them on Amazon Tools You Need to Build Your Business with Video, or on Kodak. My recommendations:112 ULTRA3 U32120PZ 1 300x300 Tools You Need to Build Your Business with Video
    • Flip Video – Offers 3 different HD handheld camcorders, with fun colors and design options. I personally use the HD Ultra.
    • Kodak Playtouch – A new version of Kodak’s handheld camera came out (formerly the Zi8) and has gained much popularity since it came out. Unlike the flip, it has the option to use an external microphone, which allows you to capture video in slightly noisy places and still be heard clearly.
    • iPhone, Motorola DroidX, etc. – Most all of the latest smartphones include decent cameras that can be enhanced with some simple accessories.
  • Tripod- The Tripod is your friend! Even if you have the most steady hand, the tripod will really help improve the quality of your videos while helping you create them from a steady, level surface.  You can find very simple, portable tripods to ones with fancy features. Start your search at Amazon Tools You Need to Build Your Business with Video.
    • Another option is a Stabilizer Bar. If you are touring a home with your camera, these really help with the quality of your videos by helping reduce the side to side twist in your videos. Check out the one on HDhat.com.
    • iphone4case 227x300 Tools You Need to Build Your Business with Video

      iPhone Wide Angle Case

  • Wide Angle LensA wide angle lens is especially important when you are filming home tours with your camera. The regular view of a camcorder can be limited and can be hard to show a room, especiall from a doorway. A wide angle lens gives you a much better view of the entire room.  You can find some great wide angle lens options that can magnetically attach to your camera model (or phone) via Amazon Tools You Need to Build Your Business with Video, or check out these awesome snap-on cases from HDhat.com that are made for the Kodak PlayTouch or the iPhone4.
  • Editing Software – You might not get every video perfect in one take. So most likely, your raw video footage will need some editing, some title additions, etc. There are many editing options out there and you don’t need to be a total pro to use most of them.
    • Most computers will come with easy-to-use video and movie creation software installed right on, like Windows Movie Maker for PCs and iMovie for Macs.
    • For more robust video editing options, you can try something like Camtasia or what I personally use, Pinnacle Studio.
  • YouTube Channel – Not only is it valuable to put your videos on your blog or website, it is absolutely necessary that you have a YouTube channel. As mentioned above, YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine and uploading them to YouTube will help gain exposure for them as well as add additional promotion and embedding opportunities on your social networks and blogs. Your YouTube channel background can also be customized to go with your personal branding. (And if you don’t know how, your Virtual Assistant can definitely help with this)

So there are the essential tools you need to get started with using video for your real estate marketing.  If you have any questions tools you need for real estate videos, or have some favorite tools of your own, we would love to hear about it. Please leave us a comment below and let us know about it!

Next up, I will be going over some tips and and best practices for creating and using video to build your business.

 Tools You Need to Build Your Business with Video

 Tools You Need to Build Your Business with VideoMegan Barber is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, and owner of Barber Virtual Assisting Solutions. With over 12 years of experience working within the real estate industry, Megan provides top notch real estate support services such as marketing, lead follow-up, social media, WordPress websites, and more. She is also author of VA Mommy and Co-Founder of REVA Academy, a Real Estate VA Training program.

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  1. Sony Vegas is one video editor left out of the list. As for video cameras, if the device is too small, too compact, it does not fit in your hand like an extension. Something with a little weigt, heft, balanced that you can strap in to, attach for slow pans, careful zoom outs are worth their weight in gold. Like the gunslingers called out at high noon in a life and death situation, the same respect felt at high noon for your shooting iron is how you should feel about your video camera. Spend more than 2.5 books of green stamps and plan to use video a lot. Not just for your two or three highest priced listings. Warning, the biggest by far critics of your early video productions will be folks that don’t use video.


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